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    Исполнитель: Smith

    Название: Baby It's You

    Время: 03:23

    Добавлен: 2016-01-07

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Текст песни:

I`s not the way you smile
that touched my heart.
It`s not the way you kiss
that tears apart.

But how many many many nights go by
I sit alone at home and i cry over you.What can I do?
Can`t help myself cause baby it`s you. Baby it`s you.

You should hear what they say about you cheat cheat
They say they say you never never ever been true
Wo ho it doesn`t matter what they say
I know I`m gonna love you any old way
What can I do then it`s true.
Don`t want nobody nobody
Cause baby it`s you. Baby it`s you.

Smith - Baby Its You ('69)
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