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    Исполнитель: Hindi Zahra

    Название: Try

    Время: 02:51

    Добавлен: 2014-10-30

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Текст песни:

If you…. If you….
If you can Try again
You know this life is a game
If you give your receipt
You know it’s always the same
You can go Try again
Be a main ain’t like any other
You can go Try again
And be a man, gotta be a man

Oh I tell you if you Try,
I tell if you Try
One more time, one more time
You should
Try, Try again

This is yours you can hold
Whatever-ever-ver the struggle
This is life you can always make it better
Cause you know what’s deep
And you know I’m kind
If you hold this love, baby you are mine
And in this crazy destination we’ll have to,
Go to…

You tell the truth
You see me whan I’m running
You care for me
So you know that I know, baby all the things that makes us grow

Love and life keep on
Searching bitterness
Your heart and mine

So now, now, now, now
one more time, one more time you should
One more time, one more time, you should
Try again, and Try again you should
Try again and Try again you should
This is yours

Hindi Zahra - Try
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