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    Исполнитель: Gut Molasses

    Название: Vulsum

    Время: 03:57

    Добавлен: 2014-12-02

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Текст песни:

Can you feel me fade away
Can you feel I'm wide-awake
I can feel your pain in me
And you know this ache is me

We' ll never smile again, never want again
I breathe without lungs
We'll never trust again
Sometimes we're mad, we spoke without tongues
We'll never love again coz we're so dead
We kissed without feels
I'll never cry again, I left
All tears on our pillow that screams

I can tear your pain away
If you just ask me to blame
I can tear your heart in two
And my heart fades into you

Living with the tears
Fusing in your mind
I thought I could fly
Faking just myself
Giving everything
Now I understand
That I die

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