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    Исполнитель: Gut Molasses

    Название: Cut your uterine appendages

    Время: 08:31

    Добавлен: 2014-12-21

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Try to step through your pride
when you will get you don't need her
Try to beg me to come back
when you will get it's too late for
Think, what do you need her for
so far and hopelessly
when I'm so close, so deep and painlessly.
Think, untill my arteries
drain your unconsciousness.

Invite me to your party
where the treachery flows like water
and love and hate run into
and suicide killed my daughter
sparkling motes of your blossomed feelings
pour with the tears of a crafty grief
Where angels die and the devils smile,
where my hopes ceased to exist

Admire how you have dissolved
my sugar heart, how easy you
could kill in it all hate and rage,
Look at the pale stars, they shine like you
They bleed as my wounds bleed from you
Look at the Virgin Mary icon,
she's sobbing bitterly like me
Look at your fate line on palms, it disappears

You're my never-ending madness,
my anorexic fallacy,
my mirror without amalgam
and my bloodless arteries,

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