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    Исполнитель: Gruff Rhys

    Название: Shark Ridden Waters

    Время: 04:25

    Добавлен: 2014-11-28

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Shark Ridden Waters Gruff Rhys mp3 320kbps gruff-rhys-shark-ridden-waters

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Текст песни:

I hear footsteps coming from the end of the leaan
The crystal clear shimmering high
The ghost of the goggles goes izzy pop
A woman that will have you cry
I didn’t know you
but you felt like a friend
And now I’d love to be a part till the end
I never know what’s wrong with me
but lately I’ve been feeling
like I’m truly at the end
And I’ don’t know what happens with me
when you come along
it’s just the way the sunlight catches your hair
Shark Ridden Waters
Shark Ridden Waters
Shark Ridden Waters
No use crying
No use telling me how much you care

Gruff Rhys - Shark Ridden Waters (Official video)
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