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Came into my life,
shining so bright
and now, all is right.

My dreams will be heard,
my voice and my words

and I, will rise.


Cause I have this voice inside

That I don't want to hide

But people told me I can't do it

I know that i'll get through it

I know that I can make it

I'll reach for the stars


Right from the start,

I felt it in my heart

I knew that deep inside

We'll never be torn apart

And if I dream it

If I believe it

I'll achieve it

I can make it far


Today will be the day,

I am here to stay

and I, won't be afraid.

Keep my feet right on the ground,

and I won't lose my sound

No I, won't look down.



Right from the start

Deep in my heart

I knew that I can go far

Cause I knew

This is my life

If I believe it

I'll achieve it

I will reach for the stars

Gaia Cauchi - The Start (Malta) - LIVE - Junior 2013
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